Quaker spirituality plain speech witness

Quaker Testimonies on the Plain Language Witness

Quaker Spirituality and the Use of Plain Speech

Quaker spirituality plain speech witness
Quaker spirituality plain speech witness
Quaker spirituality plain speech witness
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Epistle 173

"A bad Meeting"

ALL Friends, Take heed of running on in a Form, lest ye do lose the Power; but keep in the Power and Seed of God, in which ye will live in the Substance. And at any Disputes, take heed: many may be lifted up in the Victory and Conquest, and after have a Joy in the Prophecies and Openings, and after fall. And if Bablers come, and Janglers say, They have a bad Meeting; and so, the murmuring Nature getteth up, out of Patience, and the Seed, which beareth all things and suffereth all things, which keepeth down that, which ...

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I am not Amish or Mennonite, but some people who come to my website are interested in knowing more about these groups. I can recommend these books as authoritative and relatively inexpensive sources of further information.

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