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This group is the most difficult to categorize. Women who fall into this category choose their clothes for their simplicity, classic style and ease of wear. While they still seek to express their religious convictions through what they wear, they also are much more likely to choose to blend in with the dominant fashion styles. Skirts and jumpers are popular, and trousers for women tend to be perfectly acceptable. Least likely of my religiously observant dress designations to choose to cover, women in this group are most likely to have shorter hair styles, as shorter can be simple and easy to care for. Makeup is often avoided as a statement on simplicity, but jewelry is common, particularly earrings. Actual plainness (solid colors, simple print, limited-palette wardrobes) is a hallmark of the plain-modern look. There are neither anachronisms nor symbolically and there are no traditionally important items.

Some plain modern resources:

  • and its (twin) sister site Tznius is a site for observant Jewish women, selling some nice plain modern styles of shirts and skirts, avoids mentioning Judaism, but seems to offer the exact same clothes and headcoverings. Perhaps one of their ways of tying a scarf will seem the thing for you. Sojourner Truth was photographed wearing a white turban with her plain dress.
  • Shukr Islamic Clothing for Men and Women. Very exotic but full-coverage clothing options.
  • Modest Clothing Directory. Has a "trendy" section and a "modern" section.
plain modern religiously observant dress for women Christian
plain modern religiously observant dress for women Christian
plain modern religiously observant dress for women Christian
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