Greetings from Quaker Jane

... and welcome to my website where I share the openings, concerns, leadings and opportunities God has, in his great loving-kindness, provided to me. I am a Conservative Quaker who fellowships with Ohio Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends, though I am not a member. I have set aside personally wearing plain dress, as I no longer feel the Lord strengthening me to offer up that personal witness, but I created this website during the ten years I did wear plain dress and I am leaving this website up for those who do feel drawn to that obedience.

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Plain Dress

Jesus, the Light that Lighteth Every Man that Cometh into the World

Jesus will Light the way for thee, if thee will but Listen to what he is telling thee in thy heart. It isn't just thy conscience speaking. Sometimes, I am told to turn left rather than right, when neither choice is wrong in an ethical or moral sense. One or the other becomes wrong when it is contrary to God's wishes for me. When that becomes apparent, I yield. If thee can let Jesus guide thee in thy daily life, he may set thee free.