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George Fox (1624-1691), Epistle 264, 1669
AND such Testimonies of Friends, as are deceased, let them be Recorded, that so the Testimony of the Lord through his Servants may not be lost, that he raised up his People, for the same they were carried on thro' great Tribulations and Sufferings; and many laid down their Lives, and had their Goods spoiled, and they persecuted to Death to keep up their Testimony (which the Lord moved them to speak by his Spirit) to future Generations: So that those Words, that they were moved to speak forth by the Power, may not be lost; that the Power and Spirit of the Lord may be exalted. . . . And so be Diligent, and those that can write, help them that cannot: This may be easily done.
Quaker Spirituality seekers isolated Friends
Quaker Spirituality seekers isolated Friends
Quaker Spirituality seekers isolated Friends
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Epistle 264

"Weighty, Seasoned and Substantial Friends"

NOW concerning them that do go to the Quarterly Meeting, they must be substantial Friends, that can give a Testimony of your Sufferings, and how things are amongst you in every particular Meeting. So that none that are raw or weak, that are not able to give a Testimony of the Affairs of the Church and Truth, may go on behalf of the particular Meetings to the Quarterly Meetings, but may be nursed up in your Monthly Meetings, and there fitted for the Lord's Service . . . for the ...

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