Quaker testimony to the truth as Christians



From several Friends belonging to the Meeting, at Hemel, Hempstead, and the Parts adjacent, in the County of Hertford, concerning E. STIRREDGE, the 8th of the Third Month, 1711.

OUR dear friends, James and Elizabeth Stirredge, came here to inhabit about the year 1688, whose coming into these parts was seasonable, and we believe ordered by the good providence of God; for it had a good tendency to the strength and edification of friends; for about that time, some were busy to weaken love among brethren, under specious pretences of liberty, &c. But the said Elizabeth being gifted for the ministry, and acquainted with the wiles and subtil devices of the enemy, was made a serviceable instrument in our defence and preservation; being attend with power, wisdom, and true zeal, for the prosperity of the truth, and people of God. She was sound and savoury in her doctrine and publick ministry and tender and affectionate in Christian advice and counsel, to the comfort of the afflicted and exercised in spirit; declaring that the way to the kingdom of God is through tribulation; agreeable to the ancient account we read of in holy scripture. And she did frequently press friends to sincerity and uprightness of heart. And although the Lord had given her a large gift, and a good utterance, she was not forward to appear in her publick service, but as an immediate concern came upon her. She was a good example in her frequenting meetings, both on the first and weekdays; and was there often made instrumental to the stirring up of the pure minds of many, by way of remembrance, to our mutual comfort, by her fresh and living testimony.

Her husband also, who departed this life some time since her decease, was an honest zealous friend, and her fellow-helper in the work of the Lord, in his proper gift; and our true friend and brother: and they were both very near and acceptable to friends here, and here-aways. But what shall we say, the Lord having called them to his rest in good old age; but earnestly desire, as they frequently did, that the young generation might come up in faithfulness, and fill up the rooms of all such, being there unto spirit by the Lord, that his name may be more and more known, and glorified to all succeeding generations, world without end. Amen.

Our said friend Elizabeth Stirredge, departed this life at Hempstead aforesaid, on the 7th of the ninth month, 1706, and was buried in friends burying-ground at Wood-End, in the same parish.

John Edmunds,         Michael Tirpin,
Moses West,               Michael Tirpin, Jun.
Edmund Neal,            James Stirredge.

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Quaker testimony to the truth as Christians
Quaker testimony to the truth as Christians
Quaker testimony to the truth as Christians
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