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Thee and Thou

Taken from "Early Prophetic Openings of George Fox"

Moreover when the Lord sent me forth into the world, he forbade me to put off my hat to any, high or low; and I was required to 'thee' and 'thou' all men and women, without any respect to rich or poor, great or small. And as I travelled up and down, I was not to bid people 'good morrow' or 'good evening', neither might I bow or scrape with my leg to anyone; and this made the sects and professions to rage. But the Lord's power carried me over all to his glory, and many came to be turned to God in a little time, for the heavenly day of the Lord sprange from on high, and brake forth apace, by the light of which many came to see where they were.

But oh, the rage that then was in the priests, magistrates, professors, and people of all sorts, but especially in priests and professor! for, though 'thou' to a single person was according to their own learning, their accidence and grammar rules, and according to the Bible, yet they could not bear to hear it, and hat-honour, because I could not put off my hat to them, it set them all into a rage. But the Lord showed me that it was an honour below, which he would lay in the dust and stain it, an honour which proud flesh looked for, but sought not the honour which came from God only, that it was an honour invented by men in the Fall, and in the alienation from God, who were offended if it were not given them, and yet would be looked upon as saints, church-members, and great Christians.

George Fox
Quaker plain speech testimony witness
Quaker plain speech testimony witness
Quaker plain speech testimony witness
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Epistle 188

The Stayed State

ALL Friends, dwell in the Life, and Power, and Seed of God, in which ye may be kept in the Son of God's Kingdom, and preserved in his Dominion out of all changable things; in that God's Blessing will be with you.

In the Seed of God is the stayed State, and in that is the Life and Peace with God, and the Offering, that satisfieth God; and that perfecteth for ever them that are sanctified . . . in which Seed is Peace and Life enjoyed, and by the Wisdom of it to be ordered to God's Glory. And there the ...
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