Quaker spirituality plain speech witness

Quaker Testimonies on the Plain Language Witness

Quaker Spirituality and the Use of Plain Speech

Quaker spirituality plain speech witness
Quaker spirituality plain speech witness
Quaker spirituality plain speech witness
quaker spirituality
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Epistle 145

A Time of Silence

FRIENDS, Where there is Strife among any of you, mind the Light to Judge it down, and Condemn it; by which Light your Minds may be guided up to Christ, where there is no Strife, to learn of him, and to Condemn all that with the Light, which would give the World ground to reproach Truth. . . . For that which is out of the Light, will fall and confound it self. So, mind that which keeps your Peace, and condemns that which leads into Weakness; and that which will let in Prejudice, from the Light goes: All which is ...

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I am not Amish or Mennonite, but some people who come to my website are interested in knowing more about these groups. I can recommend these books as authoritative and relatively inexpensive sources of further information.

An Introduction to Conservative and Old Order Mennonite Groups

Living Without Electricity title=

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