Quaker spirituality plain speech witness

Quaker Testimonies on the Plain Language Witness

Quaker Spirituality and the Use of Plain Speech

Quaker spirituality plain speech witness
Quaker spirituality plain speech witness
Quaker spirituality plain speech witness
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Epistle 264

"Poor Friends": One Meeting to help another

AND in all your Meetings, let notice be given to the Quarterly Meetings of all poor Friends: And when ye have heard, that there is many more Poor belonging to one Meeting than to another, and that Meeting thereby is burdened and oppressed, let the rest of the Meetings assist and help them, so that ye may ease one another, and help to bear one anothers Burdens and so fulfil the Law of Christ. And so see that nothing be lacking, according to the Apostle's words (mark) nothing ...

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I am not Amish or Mennonite, but some people who come to my website are interested in knowing more about these groups. I can recommend these books as authoritative and relatively inexpensive sources of further information.

An Introduction to Conservative and Old Order Mennonite Groups

Living Without Electricity title=

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